FFSS has been thought, designed, and brought to you by the following people :

 - Christophe "Ze KiLleR" Calmejane :
      Main idea, original concept, and FFSS specifications. FFSS library, master, server, shares manager and win9x driver development.

 - Julien "Phoenix" Sebot :
      Helped on FFSS specifications. Search engine core specifications.

 - David "MaD" Majorel :
      Helped on FFSS specifications.

 - Jeremy "JyBy" Barbay :
      Search engine core specifications and algorithm.

 - Loic "JaL" Jaquemet :
      FFSS linux driver development. Cvs, docs and packages maintainer.

 - Benoit "Bennyben" Bourdin :
      FFSS client (linux) development.